New in GTA Online: Junk Energy Skydives, Double Rewards on Turf Wars, Flight School Activities, and Much More

New in GTA Online: Junk Energy Skydives, Double Rewards on Turf Wars, Flight School Activities, and Much More

Junk Energy knows that caffeine and adrenaline are the lifeblood of the Southern San Andreas lifestyle, and their latest marketing push offers prizes to those daring enough to enter the high-risk, high-reward world of extreme sports.

Junk Energy Skydives are a new activity for those unafraid of heights and risking life and limb: look for Parachute Bags on rooftops and at Junk Energy-branded cabins/kiosks around Los Santos and Blaine County to start a Skydive challenge. Once activated, you’ll need to take a leap, parachute through checkpoints, and aim for the drop zone. If you’re still conscious when you land, you’ll receive some GTA$ courtesy of the company and a branded Junk Energy Chute Bag, to boot.

Ten Junk Energy Skydives will be available to take on each day — completing all ten will award an additional GTA$ bonus. Completing all ten to a Gold Medal standard will award an extra prize purse as well — paying out GTA$150K total along with the Junk Energy Chute for your efforts.

Get Into the Spirit with the Free Orange Tech Demon Mask

There’s an uncanny chill to the air as Halloween draws near. Be on the lookout for particularly ghoulish events taking place throughout the month of October, and play GTA Online anytime this week to earn the Orange Tech Demon mask upon logging in.

2X GTA$ and RP on Turf Wars

Stake your claim and prepare to stand your ground against your enemies. Two to four teams duke it out in vehicles on colorful platforms set high above local landmarks — claim others’ territory while protecting your own in Turf Wars to earn 2X GTA$ and RP, all week long.

2X GTA$ and RP on Smuggler Sell Missions

If the shelves in your Hangar are swelling and sagging under the weight of valuable contraband, unload it in Smuggler Sell Missions to turn a profit that includes 2X GTA$ and RP.

There’s more good news for aspiring aviators, with Hangars and their associated Upgrades and Modifications all 40% off this week, making it easier to get your foot in the door of the black market. The bad news is that you might be very, very sick.

2X GTA$ and RP on Flight School Activities

Get comfortable in the cockpit — practicing barrel rolls, divebombs, and other maneuvers at the San Andreas Flight School that will result in Double Rewards through October 5.

Only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Premium Test Ride: The Grotti Brioso R/A

Visit Hao’s Special Works at the LS Car Meet to check out this week’s Premium Test Ride — a super-charged version of the diminutive Grotti Brioso R/A that shows you big things often come in comically undersized packages.

This Week’s HSW Time Trial

Put your upgrades to the ultimate test by slamming the accelerator and taking in the blurry sights and sounds warped by the Doppler effect as you make your way between Textile City and Stab City in this week’s HSW Time Trial.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Visit Simeon’s Showroom and take a leisurely look at the details of this week’s featured models, or take them for a five-minute test drive before buying:

  • The Benefactor Dubsta, painted a Classic Blue
  • A Classic Ice White Bravado Greenwood wrapped in the Classic Full Stripes livery
  • The Übermacht Sentinel equipped with the latest customization options, complete with the CNT livery and a Matte Black paint job
  • The Bravado Youga Classic painted Classic Midnight Silver with the Surf’s up livery
  • A Classic Olive Green version of the Vapid Retinue Mk II, complete with Vapid Classics livery

Luxury Autos Showroom

Visit the Luxury Autos Showroom, located right across from Record A Studios in Rockford Hills, to gawk at the Dinka Jester RR and Pegassi Zentorno — each now with brand-new modifications and liveries.  See their vital statistics, and purchase them outright if the spirit moves you.

Lucky Wheel Podium and LS Car Meet Vehicles

If variety is the spice of life, then this week would have three chili peppers next to it on the menu. Visit The Diamond Casino & Resort and give the Lucky Wheel a spin for a shot at the Übermacht SC1 on the nearby podium.

Elsewhere, the Pegassi Infernus Classic perched atop the Slamvan at the heart of the LS Car Meet is yours if you can finish Top 2 in the Street Race Series for three days in a row. Nearby, the Test Track is offering up free rides in the Annis ZR350, the Dinka Jester Classic, and Dewbauchee JB 700.


This month’s benefits for GTA+ Members include:

  • The Benefactor Terrorbyte
  • Nightclub Light Rig and Cargo Storage Upgrades
  • 2X GTA$ and RP on Terrorbyte Client Jobs, 3X Nightclub Warehouse production speed, and 2X GTA$ on Business Battles
  • Free Halloween gear
  • Additional Member bonuses

Visit the GTA+ website to check out all the GTA+ Membership Benefits available through November 2. To learn more about how to make the most of your GTA+ Membership, check out the GTA+ Guide.


Fortify your vehicular roster with a couple of steeply discounted classic cars and a selection of aircraft.

  • Declasse Moonbeam Custom – 50% off
  • Buckingham Swift – 50% off
  • FH-1 Hunter – 40% off
  • Dinka Jester Classic – 40% off
  • RM-10 Bombushka – 35% off
  • V-65 Molotok – 30% off
  • Mammoth Tula – 30% off
  • Buckingham Luxor Deluxe – 30% off
  • Buckingham Conada – 20% off

Prime Gaming Benefits

GTA Online players who successfully connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get GTA$125K just for playing anytime this week.

All bonus GTA$ will be deposited into your Maze Bank account within 72 hours at the start of the next weekly event. To ensure access to future benefits, make sure to visit Prime Gaming and sign up.

Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.

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